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Unisex 30 Piece Solar System Natural Stone Bead Bracelet Pack




Save 25%! When you get our Solar System Natural Stone Bracelet pack.

Receive 2 of each style, for a total of 30 bracelets at a low price! The pack can be ordered with or without a display.

This variety pack includes styles with both a stretch design and an adjustable design.

The 4mm stretch bracelet has a length of 7.5 inches.

The 6mm stretch bracelets have a 7 inch length.

The 8mm stretch bracelets have a length of 8 inches.

The adjustable bracelets have a length of 7.5 inches.

The adjustable bracelets can adjust up to 1.5 inches per side.

To adjust the bracelet pull on the bracelet ends, slip the bracelet on and pull on the string ends to tighten the bracelet.

Please note, substitutions will be made when certain options are unavailable.