Crucible Men's Polished Stainless Steel Skull Bead Adjustable Bracelet



Give your outfit an edgy and bold look with this stainless steel bracelet. This edgy bracelet features a fabric cord that knots every skull bead to produce a macramé style bracelet. The eye catching bracelet is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. The distinctive macramé style of the bracelet will be sure to draw some attention to your wrist. The beaded bracelet secures with a shocker tie knot closure. The bracelet is adjustable to fit wrist sizes from 8 to 12 inches long. The shocker tie knot closure allows you to adjust the bracelet to the best fitting length. The bracelet features 11 stainless steel skulls that have a high polished finish. Pull on the bracelet to make it larger, and pull on the cord ends to make the bracelet smaller. This bracelet measures 8-12 inches long by 7.5mm wide by 6.5mm thick, and weighs 30.7 grams.