Gold Plated Stainless Steel Onyx Stone Adjustable Bracelet (10mm)



Tiger's Eye
Red Tiger's Eye
Green Agate
Black Lava

Make this bracelet your favorite accessory to wear with your favorite outfit.

The beaded bracelet has onyx beads paired with high polished stainless steel beads.

The bracelet has an adjustable length to fit around your wrist comfortably.

The bracelet is designed to fit most wrist sizes.

The adjustable bracelet has 14 stone beads each measuring 10m wide, and one gold plated stainless steel bead measuring 10mm wide. This bracelet measures 8 inches long by 10mm wide by 10mm thick and weighs 29 grams.

The shocker tie clasp allows the bracelet to expand up to 1.5 inches per side. To adjust pull on the bead ends to expand the bracelet. Tighten the bracelet by pulling on the cord ends.