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Women's Beaded Bracelet and Earring Set (Set of 3)

Women's Beaded Bracelet and Earring Set (Set of 3)

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Surprise your loved one with this trendy women's jewelry set. The women's set features three stretch bead bracelets where the beads have a width of 6mm. The set features 3 pairs of dangling 925 sterling silver earrings that each have a bead with a width of 8mm. The dainty and polished beads come in amethyst, smoky quartz and carnelian. The bracelets and earrings can be color coordinated to match each other, paired together or worn individually. Your loved ones will enjoy wearing these accessories and they will be a gift to remember. The stretch bracelets have a length of 7 inches and an inner circumference of 6 inches.

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